Thursday, August 11, 2011

Singapore NDP Theme Songs

Singapore National Day Parade Theme Songs
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YearSong on youtube Singers(s)

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2011In a HeartbeatSylvia Ratonel  Marina Bay Floating Platform Majulah! The Singapore Spirit
2010Song For SingaporeCorrinne May  PadangLive Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag
2009What Do You SeeElectrico就在这里Kelvin Tan
Marina Bay Floating Platform Come Together - Reaching Out.Reaching Up
2008Shine For SingaporeHady Mirza晴空万里Joi Chua
Marina Bay Floating Platform Celebrating the Singapore Spirit
2007There's No Place I'd Rather BeKit Chan  Marina Bay Floating Platform City of Possibilities
Will YouJanani Sridhar, Asha Edmund, Emma Yong, Lily Ann Rahmat, Jai Wahab, Shabir Mohammed, Sebastian Tan, Gani Karim
2006My Island HomeKaira Gong幸福的图形Kaira Gong
National StadiumOur Global City, Our Home
2005Reach Out For The SkiesTaufik Batisah and Rui En勇敢向前飞Rui En
Padang40 Years of Nation Building
2004HomeKit Chan and JJ Lin
The MTV versions were choral renditions performed by Young Voices, which comprises the Choirs from the Tanjong Katong Girls' School and Tampines Primary School.
Kit Chan and JJ Lin
National StadiumA Progressive Society
2003One United PeopleStefanie Sun
from Leave
全心全意Stefanie Sun
National StadiumA Cohesive Society
2002We Will Get ThereStefanie Sun
from Leave
一起走到Stefanie Sun
National StadiumA Caring Nation
2001Where I BelongTanya Chua属于Tanya Chua
National StadiumKnowledge and Creativity
2000Shine on MeJai Wahab & Mavis Hee星月Mavis Hee
1999TogetherEvelyn Tan & Dreamz FM心连心Evelyn Tan & Dreamz FM
National StadiumOur People
Moments of MagicTanya Chua, Fann Wong, Elsa  
1998HomeKit ChanKit Chan
National Stadium 
1997     National StadiumOur Singapore, Our Future
1996    National Stadium 
1995    Padang30 Years of Nationhood/A Nation in Harmony
1994    National Stadium 
1993    PadangNation on Parade
1992    National Stadium 
1991    National Stadium
1990One People, One Nation, One Singapore   PadangOne People, One Nation, One Singapore
1989    National Stadium 
1988We Are Singapore   National Stadium 
1986Count On Me SingaporeClement Chow  National Stadium 
1985Stand Up For Singapore   National Stadium 
Padang25 Years of Nation Building, 1959–1984
1983    Decentralised sites 
1982    Padang 
1981    Decentralised sites 
1980    National StadiumCourtesy - Our Way of Life
1979    Decentralised sites 
1978    Padang 
1977    Decentralised sites 
1976    National Stadium 
1975    Decentralised sites 
1966-1974    Padang 

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