Sunday, December 14, 2008

Extreme Insects

Longest Insect

Orthoptera Curator George Beccaloni holding the giant stick insect

Scientific name: Phobaeticus chani
Name: Chan's megastick
Length: 567mm
Habitat: Rainforest canopy of Borneo
Name after: Malaysian naturalist, Datuk Chan Chew Lun

Heaviest/Largest Insect

Scientific name: Goliathus goliath
Name: Goliath beetle
Weight: 80–100 grams (2.8–3.5 oz) in the larval stage. Adult is only about half of that.
Length: Up to 110mm for males and 80mm for females
Habitat: Africa (mostly in African tropical rainforest)

Smallest Insect

Gonatocerus triguttatus Girault (a type of fairyfly)

Scientific name: Alpatus magnimius
Name: Fairyfly
Size: 0.21 mm for male

Most Venomous Insect

Scientific name: Pogonomyrmex maricopa
Name: Harvester Ant
Lethal Dosage: Lethal dosage required to kill at least one half of a population (LD50) of rodents is at an exact value of 0.12 mg/kg


Anonymous said...

Hey, that Phobaeticus chani, when was it discovered? Lately the news have reported about a the "new" spieces "Phobaeticus chani" and that it is a "new" record in size amongst insects.

Kong Ming said...

I believe that it was found in 1989. See link below.