Thursday, October 9, 2008

Using keyboard instead of mouse

Tips: You can replace mouse function with keyboard

Although it is not convenient to use, sometimes you may need these functions if your mouse hangs or is unavailable

Alt+Space: Bring down system menu
Alt+Space followed by 'n': Minimise window
Alt+Space followed by 'x': Maximise window
Alt+Space followed by 'm': Move window using arrow keys (for minimise window)
Alt+Space followed by 's': Change size of window using arrow keys
Alt+Space followed by 'c': Close window

Ctrl+Esc: Bring up Start menu. Press esc again to bring down. Use of arrow keys and tabs to control selection. Enter to select.

Alt + Tab: To choose timing among running program

ctrl+shift+F10: Similar to right click

Refer to 100 keyboard shortcuts for windows for more!

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